nts participating in the test came down from the mask, see the information on the crystal screen, all shocked, one by one completely dumbfounded, stunned there, as if lost in general, especially Li Xinlan , Lin Heping, Lin and Ann, Ling Yu and others, but also a kind of dark days without feeling. God, I am not wrong Ling Yu pain groaning, Chu Xiao s data almost did not hit him to death, thought that their storage of Yuan Ying essence should be very good, but compa. red with Chu Xiao, is simply not worth mentioning, even the head are No. This metamorphosis Lin Heping smile, could not help but look not far from feeling the nose, look innocent look Chu Xiao, he was CCIE Service Provider it exam completely convinced, for five consecutive test, which is not far more than a test their own. Hey, I do not want such a high profile, who let the CCIE Service Provider pastoral elders get such a test project, who can endure this temptation ah A guy who got a cheap also sell good guy whispered in the heart. The scene of the most painful than Lin and An, he is now completely blow, and the whole person seems to lose the soul of the general, unexamined, he did not even hear the voice of the pastoral elders. But Cisco Certification no one has to ignore him, all the focus is focused on the body of Chu Xia. o. The protagonist of this big than on

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400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider