each called Jindal disciples to deal with post war affairs do not mention. Zhou Gongzhu in the purple sword palace disciples finished some of the affairs, alone and Ye Qin met side. Lord Ye Qin stepped into the top floor of the brocade pavilion, see the purple sword palace chief Zhou Yu. Cisco Certification Zhou Gongzhu condensate is standing in front of the CCNA Industrial it exam pane, the face of the wind and frost, the temples seem more than a lot of gray hair. Obviously before the defeat, bear a huge blow. Ye Qin in the light of the city these days, heard a lot o. f blood on the recent large scale outbreak of the news of the tide. But the truth is really not high, but can solve his heart doubt, I am afraid only Zhou Gongzhu. Ye elders, sit down Zhou Gong see Ye Qin came, and some tired put a hand. To be left after the leaves Qin, Zhou Gongzhu slowly Road, the demon repair siege large scale animal tide suddenly broke out, without any anticipated, as well as heavy losses. I CCNA Industrial Zijiang Palace and allies of the immortal palace built stone city Has been destroyed, plus the Yuan Ying monk damaged six, can be described as heavy losses. The only let the palace comfort is that the saver monks damaged about one or so, but also to keep the public Temple of the vitality. Ye Qin listen after the silent set. Four or five hundred saver monks, one or so there are as ma. ny as forty or fifty. In such a large scale outbreak of the tide of animals, as critical chaos in the case, only lost about 10 percent of the saver mon

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200-601 Managing Industrial Networking for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies Cisco CCNA Industrial