onk damaged six, can be described as heavy losses. The only let the palace comfort is that the saver monks damaged about one or so, but also to keep the public Temple of the vitality. Ye Qin listen after the silent set. Four or five hundred saver monks, one or so there are as ma. ny as forty or fifty. In such a large scale outbreak of the tide of animals, as critical chaos in the case, only lost about 10 percent of the saver monks, it is fortunate. If not all Yuan Ying monks rushed in front, contain the strength of the strongest group of demon repair, the Oracle Certification public savage monks in time to rush out of the beast tide surrounded by, otherwise the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer results could be disastrous. The most tragic possibility, the whole army is not impossible. What is the plan of the Lord now As early as before the war, the palace and the elders on the elders, had been estimated that this situation may occur. Fairy demon war would have been very difficult, there is a small defeat is also a normal thing. Even across the board defeat, There have been Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer it exam such experiences. Zhou Gongzhu see Ye Qin silen. t, sighed and continued, said, Although the defeat has been, but in the election of the Northern League before the sovereign, can not give up, the palace decided to continue to play. What about going on Ye Qin listen, then there is no accident. He

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