er stay, and Huangfu Binger together, with silver armor, corrupt crocodile, go to the front of the library road. This library library channel, not all the way straight, but back to the word corridor. Every thousand feet, is a corner bend, leading to the Polycom it exam depths of the earth library. Fortunately, although the channel is Polycom back to the font, but not all literary maze. Ye Qin carefully walked for a while, suddenl. y stature suddenly Dayton, eyes awe inspiring. In front of a few Baizhang Department, a ten feet high man made stone strange. It fists chest, motionless bowed squatting in place, it seems to sleep. It is shocking that the side of the earth Reiki, than the normal Aura to thousands of times, issued a layer of yellow halo. Rich soil Reiki, bringing a very strong sense of hysteresis, and even the pace is difficult to move. This is a strange stone Purely by the earth spirit condensed from the soil of the Department of stone strange that this stone strange, longevity is very long, Polycom Certification immortal immortal, experienced a long time more and more powerful a demon spirit. Huangfu Binger also fell from the volley down, eyes showing the color of surprise. Ye Qin slightly surprised, saw the strange strength of. this stone, before the monsters

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1K0-001 Polycom Certified Videoconferencing Engineer (PCVE) Polycom Polycom Certification
1K0-002 CVE-2 Polycom Polycom Certification