Downsize vs reverse mortgage

by Darren Moffatt on April 9, 2010

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For many Australian retirees on limited funds, this becomes the big dilemma. In most states, the process of selling your home and downsizing to buy a smaller dwelling will cost $40-50,000 by the time you factor in stamp duty, agents fees and legal costs etc.

In addition, many people are forced to re-locate to a new area, away from their family, doctor, friends and community. This is often the most distressing aspect of downsizing.

However, accessing some of the value in the home via a reputable reverse mortgage or equity release provider can give you more cash and allow you to stay in the home you love. You need to do the sums, but in many cases it will be more cost effective to borrow via a reverse mortgage or similar, than to downsize. A good specialist finance broker will help you with this exercise.

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