Why legal advice is essential for a reverse mortgage

by Darren Moffatt on April 8, 2010

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All reputable Australian equity release lenders will insist that you obtain independent legal advice as part of the transaction. Indeed, you will not receive any funds until advice has been signed-off by your solicitor. This is of course a good thing: it protects you from potentially entering into an agreement that you don’t understand. All SEQUAL lenders abide by a strict code of conduct that demands this as a requirement for membership.

However, many people do not realise that this requirement also protects the lender. Independent legal advice is the best way they have of guarding against any possible mis-selling by dodgy mortgage brokers. It also ensures the lender’s legal position is sound in the case of any possible future dispute with the borrower or their estate.

If your reverse mortgage lender is not asking for you to obtain legal advice, you should really question their credibility. Check your lender here. 

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